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Post-wedding hindsight – find out the one thing brides would have done differently

What are your priorities for your upcoming wedding? Is it making sure you have the right bridal gown, the perfect venue, the best flowers, decorations and wedding favours, and the most delicious food?  Are those the right priorities?

Keep reading to find out how brides – after their wedding – wished they had prioritised differently…

The highest priority pre-wedding – Wedding Attire

According to statistics gathered by St. Louis Bride & Groom Magazine, wedding attire is the highest priority for brides during wedding planning, followed by the reception venue and the catering. Entertainment is among the least of their priorities and occupies the smallest slice of the wedding budget at only 5%.

Brides admit that entertainment is one of the last things on their mind and is therefore the last thing they organise. With little budget left by that point, brides decide on the cheapest DJ they can find, despite the fact that a third of the wedding day – if not more – is the party in the evening, managed and directed by the DJ.

The highest priority post-wedding  Entertainment 

Bride & Groom Magazine surveyed brides after their weddings and yielded some surprising results…

72% of brides said they wished they had spent more time researching their reception entertainment and selecting their wedding DJ.

78% of brides said they wished they had made entertainment at the wedding reception their highest priority.

Nearly 100% of brides said they would have spent more of their wedding budget on entertainment.  

Why the change of heart?

The entertainment can make or break a wedding reception. Judging by the above statistics, it seems that in a majority of cases the entertainment has fallen flat for one reason or another. A consistently packed dancefloor throughout the evening is what brides and grooms want to see at their wedding, but unfortunately this isn’t always the case – and often the fault lies with the DJ.

In cases where the entertainment has proven subpar, it could be that the DJ’s equipment and sound system was poor. Or it could be that the DJ wasn’t experienced enough to properly read the crowd and play the right songs at the right time.

Interestingly, it also seems that live bands have fallen flat with many couples too. 65% of couples who chose a band for their wedding said that, if they could make the choice again, they would hire a DJ.

It’s not just about presentation

The problem is, a myriad of service providers are involved in the planning of a wedding. There are those in charge of the venue, those in charge of decorating the venue for the ceremony and the wedding breakfast, the catering staff, the florists, the photographers… The list goes on. A DJ can get lost in this sea of people, despite the fact that the DJ alone is in charge of making a whole third of your wedding day happen.

Moreover, many of these other service providers are looking after the presentation of your wedding. They are involved in table decorations, flowers, colour schemes, lighting and the overall look of the venue. When you include the attire of the bride and groom, ushers and bridesmaids, it’s easy to see why a vast majority of the wedding budget is spent on presentation.

But is presentation more important than entertainment? More often than not, a beautiful wedding venue is noticed and admired by guests for five to ten minutes or so. But it’s unlikely to have an impact on how much they enjoy their day. More emphasis should be placed on how you and your guests feel during the day. The priority should be making sure that everyone is laughing and enjoying themselves.

Wedding guests would seem to agree. According to Bride & Groom Magazine, 81% of guests said that the thing they remember most about a wedding is the entertainment. And who plays the most important role in this? The DJ.

Choose your DJ wisely

The above statistics show that picking the right DJ is vital to making sure your wedding reception is everything you hoped it would be. Don’t make the mistake that many brides have made and leave finding a DJ to the last minute. Most importantly, budget properly. If you have to get cheaper favours or sacrifice some decorations here and there, in order to get an experienced, specialist wedding DJ who can play the right songs, with top-of-the-range equipment – do it.

The decision will pay off. Remember, things like wedding favours, decorations and flowers will be forgotten in minutes. But with the right DJ, a whole third of your wedding day is looked after, and is guaranteed to be fun, exciting and memorable for you and your guests.

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