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Dancing Shoes

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31 March 2017

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Dancing Shoes

It’s easy to let all of the small extra details overwhelm your wedding planning. In some cases, the more important big decisions get overlooked!

I always recommend focussing on the most important aspects first – get the big things right, and people won’t notice the small details are missing.

But get the big things wrong, and the small details won’t make up for it!

Did you know that around one third of the favours get left behind on the table at the end of the wedding breakfast?

However, I have one tip for a small detail that can have a big impact.

If you’re planning an evening of dancing, considering placing “Dancing Shoes” near the dancefloor.

This is simply a basket full of flip-flops that your female guests can swap their uncomfortable high-heels for to dance in during the evening.

After a day of standing in their high-heels, they’ll definitely appreciate being able to wear something more comfortable on their feet.

If you don’t have this option, you may find your guests dance less, as their footwear is too uncomfortable, so a selection of “dancing shoes” can definitely help create a full dancefloor.