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How to choose a wedding DJ to create a memorable wedding reception party

If you are like most brides, you dream of your perfect reception. Your first dance with your new husband, the bouquet toss, and your grand exit to your getaway car for your honeymoon. The DJ runs your wedding reception with music choices, technology, and announcements. Choosing the right DJ is a huge decision, and the right one can create a memorable evening.

Everyone is different and wants something different from their DJs, so how do you find the right one for you?

Consider specialisms and styles

You may think all Wedding DJs on the Isle of Wight are the same. We play some popular songs, speak into the microphone a little bit, and our job is done. That is not the case at all. We each have our own style of doing things. Some DJs specialise in music genres, such as Indie music or Northern Soul whereas others may be general party DJs. Think about what kind of music you want during your reception and search for DJs accordingly.

Some DJs want to be more actively involved in your reception. They may want to improvise during announcements and tell jokes into the microphone. They may be more laid back and hands off. Whatever mood you want at your wedding, find the DJ whose style matches yours.

Consider the price of equipment

Most DJs claim to have a “professional sound system” and all look the same. So why spend more on a DJ?

In reality, experienced and professional DJs have better equipment than amateur DJs. You have probably been to weddings where the music is loud but does not have great sound quality. It was distorted and not enjoyable to listen to. You all had to yell to hear each other over the noise. Those DJs did not have the best equipment. For full, hi-fi quality music at your event, you need to hire someone with high-class equipment. Those DJs have to charge a little more to offset the costs of the sound system. If sound quality is important to you, you most likely will want to splurge a little when hiring a DJ.

Meet your potential DJs

The best way to decide if a Wedding DJ is a good fit for you is to meet them. Look at their websites and narrow your decision down to three or four options. Then meet with these DJs and get a feel for what works for you. If you click well with a DJ, both personally and professionally, you will feel more at ease hiring him or her.

Don’t forget to ask important questions. Ask them what backup technology they have. Ask them how they get guests to dance. Ask them if they drink on the job. I couldn’t believe it the first time a bride asked me if I drink at the weddings where I DJ, but you would be shocked how many do (I will never drink alcohol at your wedding)! After meeting all your candidates, you will feel confident in your decision about who to hire.


One way to show the difference between a high quality Wedding DJ and a budget DJ are the photos from the first dance.  The below photos are actual photos from weddings.  The second one is from a wedding from Gavin Harris Wedding DJ.  Which would you prefer to have as a memory?

firstdance Isle of Wight Wedding DJ

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