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Wedding Sparklers

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28 June 2017

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There’s no doubt about it, sparkers can create an amazing photo opportunity at your wedding, and are very versatile.

There’s lots of ways you can use them in a photo:

  • To write words with the sparkler (which the photographer captures with a slow exposure)
  • To create a tunnel that you run through
  • Create a dramatic “painted picture”

The photos can either be of just the two of you, or you can get all of your guests together for a group photo.

Speak to your photographer about what they can do – and make sure you’ve booked them late enough for the sparklers!

But when is the best time to take the photo, and how do you do it without disrupting the flow of the day?

The time of year will dictate your opportunities – in the middle of June, on the longest day, the sky doesn’t get completely dark until after 10pm!

When to light the sparklers

After the Wedding Breakfast

This option is only really available in the winter, when it’s dark early. But is ideal when you have a “room turnaround” and need to empty the wedding breakfast room for the venue to get it prepared for the evening reception.  It can also fill any “gap” you have after the wedding breakfast before your first dance.

After the Buffet

Many brides are worried about interrupting the evening by doing the sparklers during the party – but the buffet provides a natural “lull” in the evening whilst guests eat, so schedule the sparklers for about an hour after the buffet starts, get everyone outside, and then afterwards, hit the dancefloor, and get the party started!  A great way to transition from the buffet to the dancing.

As a Grand Exit

This option is ideal if you’re leaving the wedding reception before the very end, or just want to make a quick exit at the end of the night.  Line up your guests to create an archway as you run through and make your way to your waiting car or room to end your amazing day!

Additional Tips

Make sure it’s properly coordinated when taking a group photo – you don’t want it to be missing most of your guests!  When you hire me as your Wedding Host, I’ll ensure that your guest are in the right place for the sparklers, expertly coordinating everything.

Don’t forget the matches!  One box won’t be enough – by the time the last person has lit their sparkler, the first one will have run out! So you’ll need quite a lot of boxes of matches.  How about some personalised ones with your names on that your guests can take home with them as a gift?

How will the sparklers be extinguished?  A galvanised steel bucket filled with sand is the safest way to extinguish the used sparklers.

And don’t forget to check with your venue if they permit sparklers, and what rules they have around using them.

* Photo by Zest Photography

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