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Does your Wedding DJ have a backup plan?

Imagine a situation in your wedding reception party, when everything is going on well. Your family and friends are having fun dancing on the dance floor. Suddenly there’s a bang, and then silence and everyone gives a nasty gasp. And then the silence continues…

Not quite how you imagined your wedding ending.

It is therefore important to make sure that your wedding DJ has a backup plan. Life is full of misfortunes and the best thing is to have enough preparation for it. Here are some instances that will justify need for a backup plan.

Equipment Breakdown

No matter how expensive the equipment, there is always a risk of failure (although by buying high quality equipment in the first place, it will have been built to a higher standard).  Does your DJ carry backup speakers? What happens if their laptop crashes? What about the mixer?

Vehicle Breakdown

Vehicles are an essential tool for any professional wedding DJ because they carry all the equipment to your wedding venue. What if the DJ’s vehicle breaks down en-route? Therefore, as well as driving a low-mileage modern van, the DJ needs a full backup plan in place, from preventative maintenance of regular servicing to having a break down cover in place.

What if your DJ is ill?

No one plans to be ill on your wedding day. But what happens when the DJ for your wedding gets sick? Does the DJ have a standby ready?  What quality is that standby?  Will they know about all the requirements you’ve planned for your wedding?

Ask your DJ

Your wedding is a once in a lifetime event, and you don’t want anything to go wrong on your special day. Finding out what backup plans your DJ has will give you peace of mind.  However, if a DJ has no evidence of an accurate backup plan, then are you prepared to take the risk?