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Why budget wedding DJs don’t care about your wedding

If you’re like most people, you know what kind of music you want at your wedding reception. You may want cheesy, fun songs that make people dance and have a good time. You may want something more indie to go with your vintage-themed wedding. You want a DJ who is going to play the music you want, right? It’s your special day!

Keep reading, and you will learn how to choose the DJ that fits your needs. You will learn why you should think twice before hiring a budget DJ.

I will explain why budget DJs are not as good a deal as they seem. They are focused primarily on themselves. Shouldn’t your wedding day be primarily about you? I will explain why time and money make for a great DJ.

Budget DJs don’t make enough money to put your needs first

First of all, some DJs who will play for £200 to £300 can afford this price because they didn’t spend much money on quality equipment – let alone a backup! You want a DJ with high-end technology that will make the music played sound great. These DJs will have invested more money in their equipment, so they will need to charge a little more to offset the costs.

However, there are some DJs with nice equipment that charge low rates. After balancing out the cost of equipment, they end up only making a small profit at the end of the night for themselves. Why would they do this? They love DJ-ing! Of course you want to hire someone who loves their job. However, if they are not making a lot of money from the job, they are less likely to go above and beyond to make you happy.

Budgets DJs are focused on their egos

DJs who perform simply for the love of the job have their own needs on their mind. If they don’t like the songs you want to play, they may not play them, because doing so doesn’t give them as much enjoyment.

I have heard many brides complain about this problem. They wanted certain music played at their wedding, but that music wasn’t getting people on the dance floor very quickly. Without asking the couple, the DJ switched to cheesy pop music to get people dancing. The DJ didn’t want to be embarrassed by having an empty dance floor! He probably thought he was doing the best thing, but when it comes down to it, he wasn’t playing what the bride wanted.

Other brides wanted cheesy, fun music for an upbeat wedding. However, their DJ had too much pride and wanted to look cool. As a result, he didn’t play the music the couple wanted, either.

An experienced DJ will do everything possible to ensure that your wedding is perfect. Your needs will always come first.

Budget DJs don’t invest the time you need

If a DJ isn’t making much money on your wedding night, they aren’t likely to put additional work into preparing for your wedding beforehand.

As a specialist Wedding DJ, I prepare days beforehand. I schedule planning meetings with the couples that I work with to ensure I fully understand the vision for their day. Creating a unique and memorable evening of entertainment doesn’t happen by chance – it’s the product of time invested in planning and creating such an evening. Investing money in a DJ means investing in the wedding of your dreams.